How to remove VBS:Malware-gen Easily

VBS Malware gen

VBS:Malware-gen is a computer worm that will spread on local and network shared drives and through the corrupted media updates and websites. So what the worm basically does is that it sends your personal information that could include social security codes to even the number and passwords of a credit card to Rogue Servers.

Normally a threat like this basically enters in a computer via spam e-mails, as it is attached by a ZIP file. Once this file is opened then all the data will be affected and corrupted as the VBS:Malware-gen will run and drop a copy of itself along with a Autorun.inf file. The most prone devices that are likely to be affected by this worm are USB and Removable drives, and hence it is always suggested that security measures must be taken to protect your computer against viruses and worms such as this. Presence of such a virus is easily detected by an anti-virus program if you have it installed. Hence it is always recommended for everyone to install an Antivirus program. It will be seen as it is shown below-

VBS Malware gen

So after knowing that your computer is affected by a virus like this, steps should immediately be taken to remove it and to do so we can. As we have a few fixes that you can try to remove the virus completely from the computer, you won’t have to try them all but just keep trying them one by one, until one seems to work for you.

Fix 1- Scanning the Computer in Safe Mode

  1. First of all close all the apps that are running on your computer.
  2. After that put your finger and hold the shift button while you hit the restart option.
  3. You will be seeing troubleshoot options over here, so select the Troubleshoot icon and open the Advanced Options icon.
  4. Select Start-Up settings followed by clicking on the Restart button and wait for Windows to restart.
  5. After the Windows has started so select the button that will represent safe mode and then in the Safe Mode.
  6. Open the installed antivirus program and run a full computer scan. After you see the threats simply remove them.
  7. Finally restart the computer.

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Fix 2- End Processes

  1. Press “CTRL” and “SHIFT” and “ESCAPE” to open the task manager.
  2. Now choose the “Processes” tab in the task manager.
  3. Find and click on the “Show Processes From All Users” button.
  4. And finally find and right-click on “VBS:Malware-gen” which will probably be present under “Image Name” and select “End Process” after that close the task manager.

Fix 3- By deleting Registry Entries

  1. Open the Start Menu and then type ‘regedit’ into the Search Box, the registry editor will open.
  2. Right click on “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\VBS:Malware-gen” which will be located in the left pane of the Registry Editor and then hit on Delete option.
  3. Then in the end close the registry entry.

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Fix 4- Delete Files

  1. First of all open the Start Menu and then in the search box type ‘VBS:Malware-gen’ and hit enter.
  2. After that, the files will be shown, delete all of them by first right clicking on them and then selecting delete.
  3. In the end restart your computer.

These steps should have solved your issue, if it did then comment below so that other users can see this however if it didn’t then tell us so that we can come back at you asap.

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