How to delete a YouTube channel on Android or PC

The biggest and probably the best platform for streaming videos online currently is YouTube which allows users to upload, watch, share, like, dislike and comment on videos that are shared by other people.

To upload to YouTube, you must have a YouTube account/channel that is connected to your google account.

Delete a youtube channel

There are times when you might want to delete your YouTube channel for example you might have more than one google accounts so that leads to having more YouTube accounts which causes confusion as to which one is primary as this causes confusion as to in which account all you subscriptions or playlists are, or maybe there is an old account with an old video that you uploaded and so you want to delete the old account with your old video.

Now if you want to do the same then look no further as in this article we are going to teach you that how you can delete your YouTube Channel and additionally how to delete a YouTube video.

Deleting a YouTube Channel:

  • In order to delete a YouTube Channel first of all open the YouTube website followed by logging into the YouTube Channel that you want to delete.

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  • After logging in click on the profile picture that is situated on the top right corner of your webpage which will open a new menu after which select settings.

delete youtube channel

  • After that in the overview menu click on ‘Advanced‘ as given in the picture below.

delete a youtube account

Then a new page will open in which you will easily be able to see the option Delete Channel and by clicking on that you will be able to delete your channel by re-entering you google password again.

Deleting a YouTube Video:

So to delete a video first play the video that you wish to delete, after that just click on Edit Video option that will be given at right side below the video if you had uploaded the video.

delete youtube video

  • After that a new webpage will open and on the new webpage, click on Videos in the Video Manager tab.

delete any youtube video

  • Then select the video that you wish to delete followed by clicking on the Action switch situated just above it where you will be able to see the delete option.

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  • So by clicking over there you will be able to delete the video that you wanted to delete.

After these steps your issue would be solved. If it did then comment below so that others can see however if it didn’t then tell us so that we can get back at you asap.

Source: Google

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