What is DDoS and How to DDoS an IP (Just for learning)

What exactly is DDoS?

Okay, so you are wondering as to what exactly is DDoS. Imagine that you have come to home after a long day. So late that even night has began to set in, and along with this you are hungry. Thus, the first thing you do is try to make use of the old microwave that you have in order to warm a little pasta that you made in the morning, so just when you put the pasta in the microwave and hit the start button. All the lights and fans of the house got cut off or in simple language, the fuse got blown up.

The basic thing that happens when a fuse gets blown up, in this case is that the old microwave sent excessive amount of current to the electric system of the house, therefore resulting in the fuse to break down.

Similarly in a DDoS attack, the IP or a Website is hit with an excessive amount of information that it basically cannot process and hence results in breaking down.

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service, in a nutshell it is an attack that hits a target IP or Website with excessive information resulting in the inability of user to use his or her machine.

Why would someone use a DDoS attack?

You must be wondering as to why one would want to use this attack. Well this attack usually very tough and hard to pull off, so there are not many people who do this and would want to do this but there are people who do this in order to bring down competition in the internet businesses by simply bringing down a competitive website even though this is Illegal.

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How can a DDoS attack on an IP be performed?

Well the process of hitting a DDoS attack on a IP and a website are very different and in this video we will only be talking about how a DD0S attack on a IP is performed.

Using Cmd

The most basic method of hitting a DDoS attack on an IP is by using cmd. This method is also known as the Ping of Death. So basically what happens in this method is that a command prompt is used to flood information on an IP address.

To hit this attack, it is necessary to know the IP address of the target first which can be gained using a resolver. For example and the most common, Skype Resolver. If you have someone’s Skype username then you can easily gain their IP address by putting their usernames into the resolver.

Once that the IP address have been gained. Open the notepad of your computer and type

ping <IP Address> -l 65500 -w 1 -n 1
goto :loop

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After that save the notepad with any name, for example abc.txt and then rename the file and change the extension of the file from .txt to .bat such that the name is abc.bat, so what you will have to do is simply double click the file and cmd will start running with a lot of pings.


Using Bootloader

In this method you will as well need to firstly know the IP address of the target. Attain it by doing as to what was described in the above method. Enter the IP into the bootloader(website used to DDoS people) after that you have entered it simply fill a little more info and finally launch the attack.

Note-But do remember that this is illegal and hence one should not do this.

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