List of Best Secure Email Providers 2018

Do you wish to keep all your emails private and encrypted? Do you feel insecure while sending e-mails as if they are not secure? 

Well, then let me tell you that there are a few secure email services that keep your e-mails secure and private. Not only the e-mails are encrypted but along with that anonymity is maintained.

As we know that most of the e-mail service providers are alright for an average user, but if you are dealing with some confidential information then you should consider using these secure email providers. Also if you just want to be completely confident in what information you send and receive is protected, then you can use any one of these services to fulfill your wants.

IMPORTANT- If you wish to add even more anonymity then I would suggest you to use a VPN along with the services as well.

Keep reading the article as I am going to list the best secure e-mail providers down below.

Best Secure Email Providers

1. ProtonMail

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ProtonMail is a free and an open source e-mail provider that is based in Switzerland. To top it all it is an encrypted e-mail service. It has its own website, using which you are able to access the email services from your computer. Applications for Android and iOS are also available so that you can access your emails straight from your smartphone.

In addition to all of this, what matters the most is that if the service is secure enough, and to answer this, I must say this that Yes ProtonMail is pretty secure. In fact secure enough that nobody can decrypt your encrypted mails, that includes even ProtonMail’s employees, their ISP or your ISP and even the Government cannot decrypt them.

It is only you with your password that can decrypt the emails and if you forget your password, you probably will lose all the data/messages/files in your email as not even an employee at ProtonMail can recover your files without the password. So do remember your password.

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Along with these features, the service does not keep any information of your IP address hence no matter what, your emails can not be tracked back to you. The service provides you with a 2 factor authentication option by default and lets you send encrypted emails to people who do not even use ProtonMail. It also lets you compose messages that require images and rich text formatting and a lot of keyboard shortcuts are present. CSV contacts importing is also supported.

Now with all the pros, there is also a con and in this case it happens to be no support for IMAP, SMTP, or POP3 files. There are two versions for the service that include obviously, a free and a paid version, the free version of ProtonMail supports 500 MB of email storage data and also it limits your usage to about 150 messages in a day. The paid version includes more space for emails along with email aliases and priority support in addition the labels and custom filtering options plus auto-reply and even has a built-in VPN protection including the ability to send more emails per day.

2. CounterMail


This is also a very secure email service provider which offers a secure implementation of open PGP encrypted email in a browser and only encrypted emails are stored on the servers of countermail, and along with all this the e-mails are not at all stored on the hard disks but is stored on CD-ROMS only, thus this leads in protecting data leaks and also deletes all the data the moment someone will try to mess with it.

By setting up a USB you can further encrypt your email, also the decryption key happens to be stored on the device and it also is required such that you can log it in to your account, this leads to the fact that decryption in this way is impossible and it does not matter that even if a hacker is trying to steal your information.

The following service includes IMAP and lets you modify lots of stuff, it also does not keep IP address logs just like the one mentioned above, it uses anonymous email headers, and works in a browser and also an iOS app is available for the following. Along with these it includes a password manager which is known as Safebox.

With all these great things there are bound to be cons, that include not being able to send emails to non CounterMail users, also it is not an easy service to use because UI is complicated, and it is only free for one week that is after one week you will have to buy the pro version to gain services from them. Signup here.

3. Hushmail


Hushmail is also one of the best if not the best secure email provider. It has been providing these services since 1999, and keeping the emails of many people secure and safe. In this service not even the Hushmail employees can access or recover your mails if you forgot your password, so I would recommend that you must remember your password memorized thoroughly no matter what.

The web version of the service is considered to be one of the most user friendly as it is really easy to use and the UI is modern and advanced.

This service has a lot of features, that include obviously support for IMAP and POP also it has a two step verification, it has a mobile web version that works for each smartphone OS. It also comes with a 10 GB of e-mail storage and you can also enable for notifications to notify you in other email accounts of yours whenever you will receive an email on your Hushmail account. It includes a spam filter along with an auto response feature.

However, in its free account the email storage is less. It is a paid service with only a free trial available for a limited period of time.



This is a secure email provider that provides an end to end encryption that ensures a private conversation between you and the recipient alone. The service incorporates an openPGP that other email services providers does, this means that what you can do is create a key pair for your account which manages and store keys for people that you want to email securely along with that it also means that you cannot use Mailfences secure email services to send encrypted messages to the people that do not use OpenPGP.

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In this service e-mails are digitally signed also you can set up a two factor authentication, it even does not use ads and blocks spam messages. It is highly customizable and contacts can be imported from outlook,Gmail or other common email services. It also contains a calender.

However it has a low amount of online storage, and the private keys are saved in servers and the emails cannot be sent to anyone who is not a Mailfence user.  Signup Here.

5. Tutanota


Tutanota is also a great secure email service provider and it is quite similar to ProtonMail in its UI. The e-mail is sent from the user to the receiver in an encrypted state and it is only the recipient who can decrypt it, other than them there is no way that the message can get decrypted, as the private decryption key is not given to anyone else.

In order to send and receive secure emails with other Tutanota users, this email account is all you are going to be in need of. For encrypted emails outside the system,you will need to specify a password for the email to the recipient that he will need to use for viewing the message in their browser thus, that interface makes them able to reply securely as well.

The UI is easy to use and understand, only one click on a button lets you change the privacy of emails, it also has 1GB of free space for free accounts, it is open source and has an app for iOS as well as Android. Emails can be marked as spams and attachment of files is supported.

However aliases for free accounts are not supported, importing contacts in bulk is also not possible, and support for IMAP is not present.

Thank you, I hope that the information would be useful and you have surely gained a considerable amount of knowledge. Please keep supporting and sharing and leave your comments in the comment box.

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